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April 6-9, 2005
Exhibition FHI 2005 Jakarta


April 5, 2005
Launching new product Mini Cold Cuts 250 gr


  "Experience, constant innovation, state-of-the-art technology and personalized service have put PT. SOEJASCH BALI at the forefront of processed food production in Bali"



Starting out in 1983 as a home industry, processing mainly fish products, P.T. SOEJASCH BALI has enjoyed tremendous growth to become one of Bali's success stories.

Following an enthusiastic local launch, demand for the high quality products required constant expansion until 1990 when s state-of-art factory was build on the outskirt of Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Demand for the products continued and in 1994, a new factory was builds to produce HALAL products. This was initiated by one of the founding directors Haji Soerosso Soetikno Rahardjo. These products, produced under the slogan "No compromise on quality", are marketed under the brand name "NIKMAT®". This new processing plant was built under the guidance of the MUI, Indonesians governing body for Islamic Affairs.

As an Indonesian-German PMA joint venture,P.T. SOEJASCH BALI stands in the forefront of quality food processors, producing a wide range of delicious European-style meat and fish products.

The popularity of these quality products continues to grow as word of our strict operating codes and professional business practice spread beyond Bali to other centers in Indonesia.

The expanding demand for European-style HALAL processed meat products required modern technology to produce the highest standards required by our many prestigious clients. High on the list was attention to hygiene standards and a concern for the environment, which resulted in freshwater supply and sewage treatment plants being constructed on the property.

This continued effort has resulted in a steady increase in new customer from the tourist industry sector especially in the 3, 4 and 5 Star Hotels in Bali, Lombok and Java. The large Supermarket chains are also supplied with our products, which are marketed under our brand name "NIKMAT®" or under their own brand name. Also regular deliveries to catering companies in Sumbawa, Irian Jaya and Kalimantan guaranty a quick turnover of our products. Since receiving the necessary export licenses we are beginning to export to our neighboring countries with promising results.

A team of qualified master butchers, using the most modern European imported machinery and modern processing techniques in the manufacturing process, strictly supervised both the production and product development. We do not use any artificial coloring or add any MSG to our products.

But on the other hand - the traditional original specific taste - for example in the smoked delicacies like Pastramis, Smoked Turkey, Beef-Frankfurter etc. result from our strict implementation of more than 100 year old recipes and traditional processing techniques. You will not forget the delicious smoke taste of our Smoked fish products like Salmon, Snapper and Marlin.
Our aim has been to select and combine traditional processing methods and recipes with modern methods and bring them together in the highest possible hygienic environment for the best possible taste and the highest quality.

Today, with further expansion of our "NIKMAT®" factory, and with the implementation of HACCP the International Food Safety Standard in our entire processing and handling operation, we are again setting the pace for our competitors

P.T. SOEJASCH BALI draws upon a wealth of experience in its staff and is considered as one of the leading processed food producer in Indonesia. Keeping a constant watch up to date. Professional staff follows the company's trademark policy of personal contact to ensure that the particular needs of each are discussed fully, and met reliably. Constant innovation and flexibility in production, quality and presentation of the products as well as our over 17 years of daily proven reliability, make P.T. SOEJASCH BALI your perfect meat product partner.

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